A Worldview

I’m still not really sure how I want to develop this blog.

I think in my heart of hearts I’d like to develop a complete, rational philosophical argument concerning the form an ideal society should take.  But that that is a huge task which I doubt would interest many of you, and much of it would turn out to be repeating what others have already said better.

I also find myself wanting to comment on day to day events and link them back to my worldview.  And for that to make sense to the reader, I think I need to explain my beliefs.  Hence this entry.

I’m not going to attempt any comprehensive proof or defense of my worldview here since that would be exactly the work for which I have just observed I am not fit.  But I will try to explain in broad strokes what I believe.

I believe our society has been deeply corrupted.  I do not know to what extent it may always have been this way.  I suspect the level of corruption is cyclical, and also that the internet has exposed more than the usual amount of dirty laundry thus improving our ability to perceive reality.

I believe that the vast majority of our rulers, irrespective of party affiliation or election platform, co-operate with each other to steal as much as they can from the rest of us, both directly through legislation, warfare and bribery, and indirectly through the institutions they create which serve their interests at the expense of ours.  To distract from these activities they busily disseminate propaganda and foster divisions within society to keep us at war with ourselves instead of united against them.  The mechanisms of their control are our education system, our banking system, our courts, the press, our police and the ever-proliferating plethora of government agencies.

I believe that the dominant political ideologies of our time: socialism, liberal democracy and fascism are all morally bankrupt confidence tricks.  Each promises to rob Peter and pay Paul and differ only in who is to play the role of Peter and who Paul.  No matter which system is chosen there is always a cut for the house, and in return for every false promise more power is centralized in the hands of our rulers who never fail to wield it for their own benefit.

Furthermore, I believe that not only are these ideologies confidence tricks in practice, but that they can never, even in theory, be anything else.  That, if the problems they are designed to protect against exist, then these systems will always exacerbate those problems instead of addressing them.

If we measure the success of a society by its ability to promote happiness for its members and eliminate suffering then I believe that a far better system is possible, but that a perfect system might be unachievable.  And that even if a perfect system were possible, it would not guarantee happiness for every human being, nor eliminate all suffering.

And everything I believe might be wrong.

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