Symptoms of Dystopia

Almost everyone I talk to these days seems dismayed by the state of our society.  Not everybody sees the same problems, nor do they see them in exactly the same way.  But there are many common threads and there seems to be an almost universal belief that things used to be considerably better, even though people struggle to pinpoint exactly what has gone wrong.

I’m not going to try to construct a comprehensive list of the problems, nor am I yet going to attempt to separate cause and effect.  Rather I will just list the things which concern me most:

  • corruption and hypocrisy in public life
  • the substitution of propaganda and lies for facts and truth from media, government, academia, and business
  • corporate immorality
  • government tyranny and the erosion of basic rights such as freedom of speech, privacy, the presumption of innocence, and the right to a trial
  • the widening gap between haves and have-nots, and the failure of our economy to deliver an acceptable quality of life to many
  • endless and morally unjustifiable wars
  • diminished quality and lower standards of education
  • destruction of family life
  • lack of justice in our courts
  • the replacement of principle, honour and tolerance with sanctimony, false piety and intolerance

Later blog entries will explore these various problems and how I believe they are related, and what we might be able to do to solve them.

But it seems clear to me, that if we do not reverse direction, we are heading for disaster.

3 thoughts on “Symptoms of Dystopia

  1. dubito, ergo cogito, ergo sum
    I doubt, therefore I think, therefore I am.
    The doubt part is the most important idea.

    A blogger is born! Thank you for this effort and your really elegant logic. I’ve been knocking myself out on the internet trying to understand this virus. I’ve followed Chris Martenson for years, so I’ve watched all his videos.
    And researched much, much more, following all the leads I can.

    I thoroughly appreciate your independent and critical thinking skills in this blog post.

    I see where Apple and Starbucks have recently reopened in China (which I take as hard data by China’s standards of propaganda), and I was vaguely thinking, you know, maybe this burns out in 3 months. But your logic brings it home in thought provoking fashion.

    Chris, love ‘im, but he’s got a product to sell and has become a superstar overnight riding this virus. He knows how to work it with that ominous music at the beginning of his videos. Seriously a big fan of him though.

    However, I feel there is much more behind this event. I’m convinced covid19 is bioengineered and that this is readily provable — but will never be reported by corporate media. The reports from scientists in India, Japan, and our own Francis Boyle are convincing. Check out Dr. Boyle in this InfoWars video. It’s worth getting by blowhard Alex Jones (the Rush Limbaugh of the truther set) to hear what the well-informed Dr. Boyle has to report.

    Going further into the weeds, here is a citizen journalist report I can’t get out of my head, especially now that there are these reports of a dry cough which is not a hallmark of pneumonia. And why ARE they rushing 5G onto every block with no testing?

    I fall hard for a brainy red-head, and while her ideas are fringy, stay with this remarkable reporter.

    How can people disdain conspiracies?! Look at the conspiracy of the oxycontin scandal. 10s of thousands of deaths over many years, but all the docs, reps, hospitals, agencies, universities, museums, etc. were all made stupid by the stupid amounts of money.
    Look at the conspiracy of our food industries and the disease-inducing foods we subsidize them to feed us!

    We are living in a giant experiment, and there is ample evidence to see that TPTB don’t mind reducing the population — while growing wealthier in the process.

    There are no agencies or regulators that protect us; we are but prey for rapacious interests.

    And will the burst debt-bubble have more negative consequences than the virus?

    Randall Brubaker


  2. Great thinking David , I share the concerns of your list, couldn’t have made a better one.
    Best Wishes , Kevin ( minnesota )


    1. Please do hang around. I want to create a solution to these problems. I have no idea how to get there yet. Actually I have a couple of half-baked ideas, but no good idea. And I’m going to need a lot of help.


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